Profile Migrator allows you to easily transfer user settings and data when you are introducing a new operating system or a new software version. Use Migrator and migrate user profiles, as all instances in the company benefit!

Cloud Service Provider

Unleash your customers’ way into the cloud by making desktop virtualization virtual: With Profile Migrator, you can take selected user settings and data from physical desktops to virtual environments.


Optimize and accelerate the projects of your customers with Profile Migrator. Take the experience gained into the coming projects.


  • IT Managers reduce the costs of the migration project, since the smooth introduction of the new system ensures business continuity.
  • Administrators and project managers ensure that their migration project is perceived as a success – they avoid a wave of support requests after the introduction of the new system.
  • Users can work with their familiar settings and data, they are not torn out of their work routine. This makes it easier for them to switch to the new system.