Operating Efficiency

The migration of user settings pays off!

The migration of user settings is often neglected. Without good reason, that is, as the migration of settings doesn‘t merely delight users and increases their acceptance of innovation in IT, but also avoids financial costs downstream: The restoration of individual settings wastes productive working time and creates additional workload for the user helpdesk. Profile Migrator lets you avoid such follow-up costs. The program permits the migration of user settings for windows-based applications in three simple steps. An investment that pays off quickly, as the following ROI calculation shows.

Economic efficiency calculation

The financial benefit arises from the increased business continuity and the avoidance of extra expense on the user helpdesk side, under consideration of the implementation cost. Important parameters are the number of users affected, the number of applications to be migrated, the time effort for the restoration of personal settings, the extent of assistance by the user helpdesk, and the average staffing costs for users, user helpdesk and the IT specialist who carries out the profile migration.

Conservative ROI Calculation

Use the calculator for an economic efficiency analysis with your own data. Compute yourself how much money you can save during your next migration. The Profile Migrator ROI calculator lets you specify the important parameters of your environment to evaluate the economic dimension of a perfect user data migration.

Implementation by the IT administration

In the example calculation on the profile migration of an application, a one-off time effort of 1.5 hours is assumed, with the staffing cost for an IT specialist being valued at 70 dollars per hour. For organizations with 500, 2,500 and 10,000 users, the migration is calculated for 60, 120 and 180 applications. The use of pre-configured Application

Templates that are provided by sepago in an online database could reduce the implementation time significantly. This is not taken into consideration here. Annual operating cost for Update Service or maintenance do not occur.

Business continuity for the users

The migration of user settings typically yields about 3 hours in total working time savings. It is assumed that around 50% of users require assistance from the user helpdesk after a migration and that the average duration of a call is 15 minutes in this case. The hourly rate of the user helpdesk staff in the calculation is assumed to be 25.00 euros. The average hourly rate for the users was taken as 20.00 euros.

A convincing result

With Profile Migrator, maximum business continuity is ensured and the user helpdesk is significantly relieved. Together with the low cost of provisioning the software, this guarantees a convincing ROI. Enterprises significantly reduce the follow-up costs of their migration!