Your Benefits

360° Benefit with Profile Migrator!

Profile Migrator permits the simple transfer of user settings and data during the introduction of a new operating system or a new software version. Use Profile Migrator and migrate user profiles – this benefits all parties in the enterprise!

Benefits for cloud service provider

Pave your customers’ way into the Cloud by importing the users’ personal settings and data into the Cloud with Profile Migrator when you virtualize the desktops.

Benefits for system integrators

Migrate the profiles and data of your customer and with the experience under your belt just move on to the next project.

Benefits for the customer

  • IT-executives reduce the cost of the migration project because the smooth introduction of the new system ensures business continuity.
  • Administrators and project managers ensure that their migration project is seen as a success – you avoid a flood of support queries after introducing the new system.
  • Users can continue to work with their familiar settings and data and are not interrupted in their work routine. This simplifies their transition to the new system.